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We are a control and automaton company specializing in the design and installation of audio-video systems for homes, institutions and corporations, helping you keep connected and making life simple again!™

Technology is supposed to make your life simple.

Yet, when your life is filled with a dozen separate remotes with hundreds of different buttons, technology seems anything but simple. At One Touch Design, we remove that frustration by streamlining all of the devices and features on your property so that they can all be controlled from one place, ensuring that your gadgets won’t become more of a hassle than they are worth.

Complete integration is more than just filling your property with as many high-tech gadgets as possible. It means guaranteeing that all of your systems will function in tandem, exactly as you need them. Our goal is to streamline the process with objectives in mind having fewer remotes, fewer buttons, and fewer headaches for...

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Ed Barton began working in the warehouse for an audio visual contractor.

Having a high degree of internal drive, he quickly worked his way up to Head Technician by learning all aspects of the installation side of the AV business and learned how to wire equipment racks, pull and terminate wires and install projectors and screens (ranging from 8 - 25 feet). Graduating Chubb Institute with a Computer degree, he expanded his skills and was motivated to learn the programming side of the business. He soon added AMX and Crestron Programming to his list of accomplishments and began engineering, project management, installing and programming. Finally, in 2009, Ed decided it was time to take his skills and knowledge of the industry directly to customers looking to have the attention-to-detail needed in the industry.

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